Dittofi Onboarding Series
Welcome to the Dittofi onboarding series
Over the next few weeks, we will be building a series of videos and written blog articles that will help you learn the fundamentals of landing page, website and web app development inside Dittofi.
Every few days we will post an additional video tutorial here and on our YouTube Channel and blog article in this series for you to follow along with.
If you are 100% non-technical, absolute beginner, it can help to also take our Web Developer Beginner Series.

What Makes Dittofi Different?

Before we get into it, here are just a few reasons why Dittofi is different from other No-Code or Visual app development platforms.


Next, let's get into how to navigate around Dittofi Workspaces. You will learn what is a Dittofi Workspace, where best to find support when building your app and how to create a new workspace.
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